The Land of Kush

Keiristin at The Land of Kush

The Land of Kush is an oasis, sitting on the corner of ordinary and mundane.  That is to say that walking down the streets of Baltimore, one sees the usual restaurants and businesses. However, just turn the corner and go through the doors of the Land of Kush. You will instantly feel like you have been transported to another dimension.  This dimension is the land where healthy food tastes good, and good food is healthy. To add, I’m talking about Soul Food. The Land of Kush provides healthy soul food.

The Land of Kush is owned by Chef Gregory Brown who opened the Land of Kush, because he decided to believe in himself. He quit his job to open the restaurant. Chef Gregory also started the Black Vegetarian Society of Maryland as he loves giving back to the community.

Local artists have put their stamp on the Land of Kush.   Each wall is covered with art.   My favorite piece is a mural created by Mshindo Koumba. He did a free hand mural fusing Ancient history and science fiction….all in the body of a black woman with an afro and futuristic superhero suit.

Doctoonz created the mural on the back wall of the restaurant.   All of the black paint is made from ground coffee beans. While looking at the art, your ears will be pleased with sounds of  jazz and current R&B music. Clientele ranges from businesspeople, to DJs, and of course naturalistas.

To start, I had to try the dish that everyone raves about……Vegan BBQ Ribs.  Yes, you read that correctly…..Vegan. BBQ. Ribs. I was extremely hesitant. I could not wrap my mind around the idea that such a thing as Vegan BBQ Ribs exist, but they do.  What’s more, an order is only $8.00. Add two sides and a drink for only $14.99.

Chef Gregory Brown makes his own homemade BBQ vegan sauce to douse over the ribs.  I can describe the ribs in two words “Intriguing and Delicious”. The ribs are made from soy protein and are cooked with red peppers, bell peppers and onions.  The BBQ flavor comes from liquid smoke. Vegans, here is your chance to eat ribs at the cookout.

The Collard Greens are also vegan.  They are cooked in their own spices and juices and served with vegan cornbread.  The cornbread reminds me of sweet gingerbread.

I am not a fan of the vegan macaroni and cheese, however, others seem to enjoy it.  The vegan macaroni and cheese is made from vegan noodles and vegan cheese. An ample portion comes with the combo platter.  You will get your money’s worth.

Now to the drinks.  There are a ton of beverage options.  You can have iced tea, Alkaline Water, Lemonade, smoothies, and best of all Fresh Juice.  Lots of customers go there just for the juice. They have “Wake-up Call” which is fresh carrots, apples, and ginger.  Then there’s the Liver Detox with kale, carrot, apple, and pineapple. There’s a juice for every taste and every reason.

This was a very unique dining experience.  I will be back. The next time you have a taste for some good healthy soul food, go to The Land of Kush.  You will be happy you did. For more information visit

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