C’est Bon Seasoning

C’est Bon Seasoning is a new Seasoning brand located in Houston, Texas.  According to their website, C’est Bon Seasoning “strives to inspire good food and a healthier lifestyle by providing the most flavorful, highest quality seasonings & marinades.”

The most notable aspect of C’est Bon Seasoning is what is omitted.  C’est Bon Seasoning “Davine Secret” does not contain Salt, Sugar, MSG, or Paprika.  The owner, Pat, stands by her recipe and challenges everyone to cook with her seasoning.

I decided to try the seasoning.  I coated chicken breast with seasoning and baked it.   The chicken was well flavored. I did notice the absence of salt.  This seasoning is great for those on a low sodium diet. Their motto is “The smell will invite you, but the Flavor will keep you.”  

For more information or to purchase, visit   www.cestbonseasonings.com

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