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Imagine that there are two Saturdays in one week. Sounds great right? Well now imagine that your favorite brunch restaurant starts serving lunch and dinner. Now imagine that all of this is true. You all know that I love Milk & Honey Cafe. Well the owners of Milk & Honey Cafe have made a lot of our dreams come true.  They opened Catch 22. Catch 22 has all of the favorites from Milk & Honey, plus some new dynamite dishes. Meet Caribbean Style Whole Red Snapper, the star of the show.  This dish is the most popular dish on the menu. One bite will show you why it is the most popular dish. The fish is so tender, it falls off the bones.

Caribbean Style Whole Red Snapper with Award winning Sauce & Garlic Hash

The Red Snapper makes me forget about everything else. I had to just listen to this deep fried whole red snapper coated with Thai Basil sweet chili sauce as it spoke to my taste buds.   I was lost in a daze of snapper, seasonings, and sauce. Once I returned to reality, I realized there was still more food, including Vanilla & Brandy Brioche French Toast and Creole Seafood & Grits.  

Vanilla & Brandy Brioche French Toast

Now the Creole Seafood & Grits is a step above Chef Sammy’s award winning Shrimp & Grits. This is only because it contains even more goodness including Shrimp, Scallops, and Crab meat! As usual, I did not know where to start.  So, I just ate everything!

The Grand Peach Bellini was a wonderful accompaniment to a fabulous meal.

Grand Peach Bellini

My lunch was amazingly delicious.  It’s a meal I could eat everyday. What’s more, I had a chance to meet both of the owners, Chef Sammy and Monique Rose.   Their vision for Milk & Honey is so inspiring. I am so grateful that they gave the land of Milk & Honey an address……well three addresses. Now, I know why Heaven is described as a land flowing with milk and honey….because my meal was a taste of heaven.

Co-Owner Monique Rose with Keiristin

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