Kitchencray Cafe Cars & Brunch

Seafood Salmon

Kitchencray Cafe Cars and Brunch event was a hype, dope, cool, and just an all around good time.  It is the best brunch event of the COVID summer.  The vibe is hype.  The people are friendly and happy to be there.  And of course, the food is oh so good.  When I first arrived, I didn’t know what to do first….look at the cars or look at the menu.  The cars won.   The cars are all unique and perfectly represent the owner’s styles.  As expected, I saw sports cars with red interiors, yellow interiors, luxury cars, classic cars, motorcycles, you name it.  The owners were proud to show off their cars.  Although DJ Harlem Prince was spinning tunes, in my head, I was singing “Summertime” by the Fresh Prince….specifically the line “…Summertime hang out looks like a car show.”  and of course the line “chillin in the car they spent all day waxin” It was really great.

Now to the brunch.  Brunch was outside with the cars as a backdrop.  The sun was high in the sky.  There was a gentle breeze.  The weather was just right for a Cars and Brunch event.  The menu was full of my favorite dishes.  This time I decided to try something new.  I ordered the Seafood Salmon.  It is Salmon topped with jumbo lump crab and lobster claw meat over the customer’s choice of garlic mashed potatoes or cheddar grits and spinach topped with a Cajun cream sauce.   I got my Salmon with the cheddar grits, because I am a grits girl and I love cheese grits so much.

Seafood Salmon

This dish is divine.  It’s the perfect marriage of texture and taste with seasoning infused in every bite.  The Salmon provides a meatiness that contrasts with the slipperiness of the spinach which is grounded by the consuming nature of the grits accented by the lobster and lump crab meat and held together by the Cajun cream sauce.    Just describing this dish makes me want more.

Safety is top concern at Kitchencray.  There is one entrance to the patio area.  The hostess checks each customer’s temperature before allowing them in.  They also give each customer a mandatory squirt of hand sanitizer.   All of the menus are disposable.  Drinks are served in to-go cups with lids.  Plastic wrapped to-go eating utensils are also used.  This is all a great way to maintain cleanliness during the pandemic.  All staff, including hosts, servers, owners, and Chef wore masks.  They even have Kitchencray branded masks.  All servers have portable devices to take credit card payments at each table.  Receipts are sent via email or text to customers.   

Overall, I had a wonderful time.  It was the perfect start to my weekend.  Did you miss the event?  Do not fret.  Cars and Brunch will return in 2 weeks.  It occurs every other Saturday.  I will certainly be back.

Here’s a message from “SU” Williams, Co-owner of Kitchencray Cafe

Be sure to support Kitchencray Cafe.   They also offer Pickup and Delivery service. Visit them at to place an order.

Thanks for going on this journey through food paradise….Cars & Brunch edition. Remember, there’s always room for Bacon & Bellini

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