So Much Southern Spice

Southrn Spice Food Truck

On a quest for Sunday dinner, I discovered Southrn Spice Food Truck, and this was an amazing find.   First Southrn Spice is a brand new business and launched this summer!  By the taste of their food, I can already tell that they will soon dominate the Soul Food world in the DMV. 

Take a look at Southrn Spice Food Truck

Southrn Spice Menu

I looked at the menu and saw items such as Smothered Chicken, Seafood Gumbo, Red Beans & Rice, and Lamb Chops.  I got excited.   I immediately told the owner, Chef Rex, that I am from Mississippi, so this food needs to be good.  Chef Rex assured me that I would enjoy ANYTHING that I ordered.   So I decided to test the truth of this statement.   

I ordered the Catfish with Collard Greens, Cornbread, and Candy Yams.  While waiting for my food, Chef Rex told me that he went to Jackson State University and he understood the delicate art of frying Catfish.  

I got my plate, it smelled so good, I opened it in the car.   I just had to take a bite while the fish was piping hot.  One bite and I was hooked.  I told Chef Rex that the catfish reminds me of home.  The coating is well seasoned and crispy.

Catfish, Collard Greens, “Candy” Yams

The Collard Greens are vegan.  Yet, they have lots of flavor and vinegar.   The Cornbread was right on time.  The “Candy Yams” rounded out the meal with the right amount of cinnamon sweetness.

For dessert, the Banana Pudding was a cool and sweet end to a delicious soul food meal.  I am satisfied.  I look forward to tasting more food from this menu because there’s so much southern spice!

Watch Keiristin’s delight at the menu!

You can find Southrn Spice Food Truck every Sunday at Monday at 9701 Ft. Mead Road, Laurel, Maryland.

Keiristin’s face after ordering food.

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