The Ultimate Family Reunion

To be invited as a member of the press is the most amazing feeling of all.  To be invited to cover the event, to tell the story, to preserve the memories, to evoke the feelings of community and togetherness, to encapsulate this wonderful experience and to put into words what so many others have said they cannot.  To say this is the best food and wine festival I have attended is an understatement. The Family Reunion is a trailblazing event that raised the bar, reconceptualized and redefined the concept of a food and wine festival.

Sugar Vault

I love sweets as much as I love the truth. Let me tell you. Sugar Vault is the truth. Their pictures make the cupcakes look so decadent and delicious.

Thanksgiving in the City

I am accustomed to having a hometown family Thanksgiving.  A Thanksgiving complete with Fried Turkey, Smoked Turkey, Baked Turkey (yes, 3 turkeys).  Cornbread dressing, Macaroni and Cheese, Green beans, Sweet potato Casserole with marshmallow topping, carrot cake, caramel cake, chocolate cake, pound cake, pecan pie, apple pie, egg custard pie, and well, you get it….