Savor the Uncaged Chefs

After my business event, I went to Savor Food Hall, the first Black owned food hall in Prince George’s County Maryland, and the second Black owned food hall in the United States!  I was already very motivated and in a social mood since when I arrived at Savor. Just walking through the door elevated my mood even more. The vibe is so warm, welcoming, and full of the magnetism that makes family reunions wonderful.  The lights were bright, the air was clean, everyone was having a good time. The background music was all 90s R&B….my favorite genre.

Restaurants and Makers include:  

  1. VossFood – a plant based food apothecary.
  2. CuratedDMV –  designers, artists, and emerging brands
  3. Relish Market – a year-round indoor farmers market.
  4. Community Cocktail – classically inspired cocktails and modern spirits.
  5. DC Sweet Potato Cake Cafe – Famous for their baked goods
  6. Luvplates Soul & Grill – Caribbean dishes and Homestyle food
  7. Little Miner Taco – a local “from scratch” taqueria
  8. Redemption Roasters – an emerging coffee brand
  9. The Uncaged Chefs – Innovative, unusual but delicious never seen before dishes

I walked around seeing Black Excellence in every direction.  The shops had unique offerings. The food smelled amazing. The people were all in a chill, happy mood.  I could really hang out here.

Keiristin with Chef Damian Brown

The purpose of my visit was to support the Chef Damian Brown and The Uncaged Chefs.  As expected, there was a line. However, everyone in line was nice and pleasant and happy to be there.  The food looks and smells as good as their pictures.  

Cajun Crab Cake and Fries

On this visit, I had the Cajun Crab cake with fries.  The crab cake has so much flavor. It doesn’t even need sauce….however it is drizzled with a delicious cream sauce.  The fries are well seasoned and also drizzled with sauce. The best thing about this dish is that the taste lasts well past the last bite, which makes the food from the Uncaged Chefs extremely memorable.

I am looking forward to the rest of the menu.  It’s all good!

To learn more about Savor Food Hall, visit

To learn more about The Uncaged Chefs, visit

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