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Seafood Sandwich (Blackened Salmon, Shrimp, Lobster)

Great news!  Brand new restaurants are opening even in the midst of a pandemic.  The Shell Shack Seafood is one of the new restaurants.  Located in Savor Food Hall in Brentwood, Maryland, The Shell Shack has been open for less than 90 days.   This restaurant is making its presence known.   As the name suggests, The Shell Shack offers an array of seafood on their menu.

On Juneteenth 2020, I was determined to support Black owned restaurants.  I decided to choose two Black own businesses.  First, Savor Food Hall is the second Black owned food hall in the USA. Secondly, The Shell Shack Seafood, which is inside of Savor Food Hall.

It is best to Pre-order via phone or internet.   Orders are ready in approximately 20 minutes.  You can also order ahead of time, if needed.  Since this was my first visit, I had to taste an appetizer, main dish, and side dish.


For my appetizer, I ordered the Crab and Corn Fritters.  They are lightly battered sweet corn fritters with a hint of jalapenos with a lemon cilantro dipping sauce topped with curried crab.

The crab reminded me of cornbread dressing.  The corn fritter is very similar to a hush puppy as it has a hard shell but moist center.  It is sweeter than a hush puppy.  This is where the corn shines through.  I would order the fritter again, but without the crab.

For my side, I ordered the Collard Greens.  I am originally from Mississippi.  I know greens.  These greens are really good.  They have enough flavor, and most importantly, vinegar.  I did add crushed red pepper for some added heat.  I would order these greens again.

For my main dish, I ordered the Seafood Sandwich.  This sandwich is packed with everything!  The base is blackened salmon, fire roasted shrimp, and lastly lobster. This is topped with a tropical salsa on coco bread.  It is served with seasoned fries.

I really enjoyed the sandwich.  The blackened salmon satisfied my desire for grilled food.  The fire roasted shrimp was a good friend to that salmon.  The two tastes meshed well.  Then the lobster was so soft and buttery.  It was perfect with the coco bread.  The combination of all three was really lovely.  I look forward to eating this sandwich again.  

Be sure to support The Shell Shack Seafood.   The food is great.  Even during a pandemic, they are showing out!

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