The Uncaged Chefs Uncaged Dinner

The Uncaged Chefs reopened on August 8th with a new menu, and new decor.   Let’s start with the decor.   Upon entering I felt as though I entered an art gallery and a botanical garden all at once.  There is such colorful artwork on every wall.  There’s a huge red rose wall surrounded by various colors of wisteria hanging from the ceiling.  There’s even flowers in the restroom!  

After taking in the uncaged atmosphere, the menu just adds to the excitement.  The Uncaged Chefs has something for everyone.  This is such an amusing menu.  The menu encourages diners to truly ENJOY their meal.  My favorite dishes include the Fried Chicken and French Toast Waffle.  This is a deep fried chicken breast atop a waffle that has been dipped and grilled just like french toast!   It tastes just like French Toast.  The dish is drizzled with a Henny glaze.  Just biting the waffle made me smile.The drizzle is enough, no syrup is required.

I also enjoyed the Cherry Pop Rock Fried Chicken Wings.  Now, these are so fun to eat.   Each order of wings comes with a packet of cherry pop rocks and instructions.  You must sprinkle the pop rocks on each wing before biting into it.  When I bit into my first wing, everyone at the table laughed because they all heard the pop and crackle sound of me biting into the chicken wing!  The pop rocks add a zing and perfectly compliment the wing sauce.

Next, I really enjoyed the Casamigos Hicken sandwich.  Yes, you read that correctly, it’s a hicken sandwich.  This is a vegetarian sandwich.  The pattie is solid and crispy and makes for a really hearty vegetarian sandwich.

I am so excited that one of my long time favorites, the Jerk Crab and Shrimp pasta is on the new menu.  (This is the dish I recommended on the Apple Maps Guide I created for EatOkra).  This dish is always a hit and never misses.  

To wash everything down, try one of the new mocktails.  Feel free to BYOB to add to the mocktails.  They also have various flavors of Kool Aid, including red!!!  One sip took me all the way back to my childhood summers in Mississippi when we would drink Kool Aid on the front porch on hot afternoons.  

As you can see, having dinner with The Uncaged Chefs will provide a memorable dining experience.  As their sign states, “This must be the place.”

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