The Uncaged Chefs

This Jerk Crab and Shrimp pasta is amazing.  I am pleased with the amount of attention and seasoning given to this dish.  Each bite is well seasoned. The flavor shines through. The crab is so tender.  After my first bite, I was speechless. I love this crab cake! It reminds me of something. I just do not know what. But it is something wonderful.  The crab cake is reminiscent of the texture of wonderful salmon croquettes I ate as a child.   Tasting this crabcake makes me ponder, “which crab cake holds the spot for the best crab cake ever.” As I replay crab cake experiences in my mind, I compare them all to the Uncaged Chef’s crab cake.  It is that good y’all. It is just delicious. It was hard to stop eating. I just ate bite after bite after bite. 

The remainder of the dish is a worthy accompaniment to the crab cake.  The shrimp, pasta, and the cream sauce complete the symphony of flavors and textures to make this dish a hit.  The pico de gallo topper adds a blink of foreign happiness to the dish, although the Pico de gallo is not needed.  This dish has enough flavor and taste to star in its own show.

Oh how I wish The Caged Chef had a restaurant.  A restaurant will provide an atmosphere. I want to enjoy the atmosphere of the food.  I want to see the joy on the faces of other diners. I want to enjoy the overall Uncaged Chef Experience.  Even with the pop up restaurant experience, customers discussed their favorite dishes while we all waited for our food.  Some expressed their excitement over this being their first experience eating Chef Damian’s food. Everything looked so good.   Everyone waited so patiently. The staff is welcoming. Chef Damian is in charge, making sure each dish is picture perfect. 

Chef Damian Brown is the Executive Chef and founder of The Uncaged Chefs.  You can taste some of Chef Damian’s amazing cuisine every Sunday at The Uncaged Chefs Sunday Pop Up at Rose Buds on 5915 Central Avenue, Capital Heights, Maryland.  

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