Althea’s Almost Famous

My first experience of Althea’s Almost Famous Jerk sauce was life changing. There are so much punch, as the flavors compound. As each second passes, I could taste a different spice, and a deeper level of flavor.  It is sweet, spicy, tangy, and has a citrus kick rounded out by the taste of smoked Applewood. I said aloud, “This tastes like jerk sauce chased with a BBQ sauce.” It is delicious! There are two flavors available: Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy.  The original recipe is spicy, yet mild enough to allow all of the secret ingredients to shine. The Hot & Spicy recipe will satisfy anyone who loves hot a spicy sauces packed with flavor and heat.  It is remarkable that the spice does not overpower the flavor. That makes Althea’s Almost Famous Jerk Sauce a winner! After saturating my wings with sauce, I did not know what to do with the remaining sauce, so I drank it.  It is just that good!

Althea’s Almost Famous will soon be known as Althea’s World Famous.  Althea’s Almost famous is a Althea’s homemade Jamaican Jerk Sauce that can be consumed as a sauce or as a marinade. This sauce is amazing. I have tried it on a variety of foods. This sauce is the next hit.   When I first saw the bottle, I was excited at the possibility of tasting homemade jerk sauce. I could see the spices swirling around in the bottle, even before tasting it.

Once I had my first experience of tasting Althea’s Almost Famous Jerk sauce, I sat and pondered ways that I can improve my life, so that I can be as great as this sauce.

As much as I love Althea’s jerk sauce, I love the story behind it even more. Althea’s Almost Famous Jerk Sauce is made with love. Every aspect of Althea’s sauce and packaging is created from Althea’s heart.  Althea’s motivation for making this sauce originates from Althea’s outpouring love for her family and desires to honor her best friend’s final wish.

It is rare to meet someone who has perfected something.  Most people are striving to become or create something special.  Well, Althea has done it. This sauce will be Maryland’s next signature sauce…. Maryland’s next signature item.  Move over Old Bay, there’s a new Spice Queen in Maryland. Her name is Althea……and she’s Almost Famous.

Purchase a bottle of Althea’s Almost Famous Mild Sauce here

Purchase a bottle of Althea’s Almost Famous Hot & Spicy Sauce here

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  1. Althea Becke says:

    OMG! Thank you so much! You’re making me cry. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Moe says:

    Altheas Almost Famous Sauce is definitely nothing less than the absolute truth. She even goes back and forth to Jamaica to get those spices.

  3. Melissa Franklin says:

    Agreed Althea’s sauce is like nothing I have ever tasted. It is AMAZING! Great job Althea!

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