The Best Fried Chicken Sandwich Ever

Queen Mother’s Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich

THE Fried Chicken Sandwich is here.  You have had the rest, now you must experience the best.    I just tasted the best fried chicken sandwich ever!  It was a creation of Chef Rock Harper,  owner of Queen Mother’s.  Chef Rock Harper created Queen Mother’s in honor of his mother and grandmother who introduced him to the art of cooking with love.   Chef Rock is most known as being the winner of Season 3 of Gordon Ramsey’s hit cooking competition reality show Hell’s Kitchen.    Chef Rock has also served as Board Member and Director of Kitchen Operations for DC Central Kitchen, an organization dedicated to ending hunger, homelessness, and poverty in Washington, DC.

When Chef Rock announced that he was opening Queen Mother’s, I was extremely excited.  When he revealed that his menu would exclusively feature fried chicken sandwiches, I was both surprised and impressed.  I knew we were all in for a treat.

More than a sandwich, this gourmet fried chicken sandwich is an experience.  First things first.  The sandwich is respected and packaged in a box.  It is not smushed into an aluminum sleeve.  I opened the box and had to decide what to do next.  This sandwich is massive.  I had to use both hands to pick it up.  On the surface, I saw a gourmet chicken sandwich, but really I saw much more.  This sandwich represents an idea…a belief that good is not good enough.  Good is average.  In the realm of chicken sandwiches, good has become some prize.  Now, every restaurant or fast food joint with a deep fryer thinks they can create a fried chicken sandwich.  But, they are wrong.  They are simply perpetuating a belief that creating something/anything is equivalent to creating something amazing.  In reality, all they have done is create something that is good….enough.  It is just good enough.

This fried chicken sandwich craze is so popular because people have grown accustomed to eating on the go.  A sandwich is easy to eat on the go, because you only need one hand.  Most people drive with the other hand.  But in their haste, they miss the experience.

Chef Rock has disrupted this unhealthy norm.  Chef Rock has reminded us all of the care and respect that is required when creating a fried chicken sandwich.  He has made it a beautiful work of art.

Amateur photo showing the greatness of this fried chicken sandwich. #nofilters

Food stylists spend hours staging food so that it looks appetizing.  Well, food styling is not even required for Queen Mother’s Fried Chicken sandwich.  I took this picture myself, with my iphone.  I did not use any filters or make any adjustments to the photo.  This sandwich looks incredible because it is incredible.  True excellence needs no alterations.  What you see is what you get. At Queen Mother’s you will get a masterpiece.

The preparation is what sets this sandwich apart from the others.  It is fried in duck fat, yes duck fat, and basted with local honey and butter.  There are four variations available including The Classic, Nashville Hot, Southside Club, and Virginia Honey Butter.  This fried chicken sandwich is visually stunning.  The chicken breast is large and the crust is perfectly coated and fried to just the right crisp.

One bite and I know that I have made good decisions in life.   The general response I witness from most people is as follows….One bite, then a head nod, and finally a big smile…confirming the sign of approval.  Now it’s time for another sandwich, another masterpiece.  I have some really good news for you.  Queen Mother’s is open on weekdays for lunch.  Go ahead, indulge.

You can find Queen Mother’s at La Cocina in Arlington, Virginia. Click here to begin your lunch order

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