All Nostalgia at Half Smoke

Keiristin is checking out the grill

Half Smoke is aptly named.  It is half restaurant, half hang out spot in Washington, D.C.  If you are looking for a relaxing Sunday Brunch, look no further.  The menu is simple yet complex. Pricing is straight forward. Food options are plentiful and fun.  Go sit a spell, reminisce on the 90s, the days when we went to Blockbuster video on Friday night, ate funnel cakes at the fair, and played board games like Sorry & Monopoly.  All of these memories are preserved at Half Smoke. Walking through the doors is like walking through a time portal to they days when all that mattered was having a fun summer with friends.

Half Smoke surely stays true to its theme in every aspect of the restaurant.  The menus are inside of 80’s Trapper Keepers. The credit card portfolio is actually Cartoon VHS tape plastic boxes.  Those small accents make sure a difference. They made me smile. It is rare that something (that is unrelated to food) makes me smile.

Credit Card Portfolio for the bill!!!

Now, the food.  Pricing is quite simple.  All Day Brunch for $30. Choose whatever you want.  I chose the Netflix & Chill which is oven baked, parmesan crusted cast iron skillet Mac-n-Cheese topped with Fried Chicken. 

Netflix & Chill

I also had the TGIF which is the Cinnamon Toast Crunch french toast with bourbon maple syrup, served with home fries.


Just to sample everything, I also got a funnel cake. Don’t worry, funnel cakes are only $5.00 each.

Funnel Cake

As you have probably noticed, the names of dishes are as nostalgic and classics just like the rest of the restaurant.

All Day Brunch Menu

Go to Half Smoke and enjoy a Bad and Boujee or Pinky and The Brain.  You will be glad you did. As they say in Half Smoke….Don’t grow up. It’s a trap!

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