Southern Style Bistro Preview

Mark your calendars,  a new restaurant will make its debut on the DMV area restaurant scene this summer.   Southern Style Bistro is a dream come true for Cheryl, the owner and Chef. Southern Style Bistro will serve American Soul Food.  The menu will be filled with all of our favorite dishes, including: Chicken and Dumplings, Bread Pudding with Jack Daniels caramel drizzle, Fried Chicken Wings Jerk Chicken Wings, Potato Salad, and Pulled Pork.  You will be surprised by some menu items. Have you ever tasted Collard Greens in an spring roll? The combination is delicious!

Collard Greens Spring Rolls &
Collard Greens Wontons

All of the food is good.  I told Cheryl, once the restaurant opens, I will still find it difficult to decide what to order.  Everything tastes great! Take a look at the menu. These are all good choices.


The BBQ Shrimp on a Cheesy Grits cake is wonderful.  It is a full Sunday Brunch in on a spoon.

You cannot go wrong with any flavor of chicken wings.   The traditional Fried Chicken wing will make you forget that Popeyes exits.  It has a homestyle taste reminiscent of cast iron skillet frying.

Fried Chicken Wings, Candied-Yam Chicken Wings, &
Jerk Chicken Wings

The Jerk wings have layers of flavor.  The initial bite has is savory, as I continued to eat the wings, I picked up the actual layers.  Each bite is more flavorful than the first. The beauty of the jerk wings is the flavor exists with a hint of heat, which allows my taste buds to appreciate the depth of the spices.

If you like homestyle desserts, you are in for a treat.  The Sweet Potato Bread Pudding with Jack Daniels caramel sauce is so delicious!  Those who do not typically like bread pudding enjoy Cheryl’s sweet potato bread pudding.  

Overall, I am truly excited and anticipate the opening of Southern Style Bistro.  Stay Tuned, this is the next hit restaurant.

Pineapple Coconut Lemon Cupcakes, &
Double Chocolate Cupcakes

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