Kitchen Cray

Let me tell you about my first visit to Kitchen Cray.

I believe the Lobster Mac was carved out of pure butter.  It is rich…and buttery… and creamy… and cheesy…and just good!  It is perfectly seasoned. Each bite is so delicious. Once I started eating, it was difficult to find a place to stop.  Each forkful was better than the forkful before it.


The Lobster is seasoned and fried with a light crisp.  The sweetness of the lobster adds contrast to the macaroni and cheese.   The dish is very filling. When I ordered, I imagined that the lobster tail would be the only lobster, but I was pleasantly surprised to find lobster throughout the macaroni and cheese.  I would most definitely order the Lobster Mac again.


If you have starved yourself all day, waiting to eat the Lobster Mac, you will feel it.  I felt the first few bites moved through my body. I could feel the energy from the yummy ingredients.  I would caution you. If you must eat healthy, or eat a special diet, then only have a few bites of this dish.   Although, it is super tasty, I would recommend also ordering biscuits or french toast to accompany it. You will need something sweet to cut the savory richness of this dish.

While waiting for my food, I saw other dishes being served.  Everything looks appetizing at Kitchen Cray. The Chicken and French Toast is wildly popular.  At least 50% of diners ordered Chicken and French Toast. I look forward to my next visit. I want to taste everything on the menu.


I visited Kitchen Cray because I heard so many great things about it.  I decided that DMV Black Restaurant Week was a great time to dine at Kitchen Cray.  Kitchen Cray is located in an office plaza in Lanham.  Although it is not in a shopping area, it was packed. I waited 1.5 hours for brunch on Saturday.  There was a DJ playing upbeat R&B music. The restaurant was bustling even at 3:00pm.  Go for brunch.  Go for lunch.  Now, on Fridays, go for dinner.  Eat and enjoy!

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