Milk and Cheese

I am already a fan of Milk and Honey, and today, I became a fan of Milk and Cheese.  Milk and Cheese is the latest restaurant in the Milk and Honey restaurant empire.  I had lunch with some of my Eat the City Dmv friends.  We had a great time and shared a lot of laughs while eating a hearty lunch.  We were all pleased with our meals.

Milk and Cheese is located in the former Milk and Honey location in Beltsville, is a good restaurant for both quick lunches and extended lunches.  There are a few differences. First, there is no set menu, as the menu changes often.  You must follow their instagram page (milkandcheesedmv) to see the new menu items of the week.  I ordered a Shrimp Po’Boy,  which is a footlong, and only costs $10.99.  The shrimp are large, hot and crunchy.  The bread is fresh, the sauce is on point.

I also ordered the housemade truffle chips, which are $4.99.  These chips are a hit.


I finished my meal with the Cap’n Crunch Milkshake.  It was delish.  I’m convinced it was made with at least a ½ cup of cereal.  This milkshake is thick!

Overall, I enjoyed my visit to Milk and Cheese.  I will certainly be back.


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