The Federalist Pig

Federalist Pig 8

I enjoy discovering new unique restaurants.   What’s more, I really get tickled when I find a restaurant that I have seen before….on TV.  Well, both happened Saturday in the same visit. I walked into the BBQ joint where the outer walls were covered in red, rust, and blue tin.

Federalist Pig 1


I walked inside to the smell of smoked meats.  This place wasn’t fancy, and didn’t pretend to be.   However, one thing they took seriously was the BBQ.

Federalist Pig 4

“This place looks really familiar,” I thought. I asked Shawn,  an employee if this restaurant had ever been filmed on TV? I thought aloud, “Was it Scandal?”  “No, that’s not it.” “House of Cards” Shawn and I both said and laughed.

I still remember the first episode where Federalist Pig was featured.  Federalist aping lived up to its reputation. I ordered the Two Step, which is 2 meats & 2 small sides for $15.   For my meats, AJ chose St. Louis Ribs and Brisket. For my sides, so choose the Crispy Brussel Sprouts and the Smoked Cheddar Mac & Cheese.

Federalist Pig 3

The Ribs were well seasoned and could be eaten without any sauce at all.   The Brisket was fat and tender. The Brussel Sprouts has a slightly sweet, yet Smokey crispness with only a hint of the bitter aftertaste (as to be expected with Brussel Sprouts).

Now to the sauce.  There are 6 sauce options, including: Mild BBQ, Hot BBQ, Mustard BBQ Carolina Vinegar, Sticky Garlic, and Ranch.  All of the sauces are self explanatory, except for the Sticky Garlic. It is a thick molasses based sauce with garlic infused throughout.  The garlic is in every drop. It creates an interesting taste, and I imagine this sauce takes the place of Honey BBQ. Rob, the man in charge told me that the sticky garlic sauce is their own creation.  I mixed the Mild BBQ and Sticky Garlic for use on my meat.

Federalist Pig 7
Overall, I enjoyed my visit.  I will return.


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