Duck, Duck, Donut?


There has been a lot of buzz around Duck Donuts.  I have heard a lot of good things it. To begin. Duck Donuts was founded in Duck, North Carolina by Russ RiGilio and his family.  The RiGilio family also cares about the community. So, each Duck Donuts location has the opportunity to partner with local non-profit organizations to aid them in fundraising efforts.

The custom donut concept is simple.  Start with a freshly made donut, select a coating, select a topping, then select a drizzle.

I tried three of the featured flavors.  My first bite was of the Maple flavored icing topped with chopped bacon.   The donut was very sweet. The donut itself is a cake doughnut. The maple icing is thick and opaque.  I could taste the sugar as I bit into the icing. The icing thoroughly covers the donut. I would prefer a thinner maple glaze, instead of icing. For this reason, I can only eat one of these donuts at a time.  The chopped bacon was actual bacon It was thick cut bacon. The sweet and salty contrast meshed well with the cake donut. It was an all in one breakfast experience.

The second donut I had was another featured donut, the S’Mores donut.  This is a classic s’more. Chocolate icing, topped with graham cracker crumbles and a marshmallow drizzle.  Very sweet, very good!

My third Duck Donut was the featured Blueberry Icing with Lemon drizzle.  This is an upgrade to the regular blueberry cake donut. The blueberry icing was thick and sweet.  The tart of the lemon drizzle is a perfect match to the sweetness of the blueberry icing.

Overall,  Duck Donuts is really good.  It’s the perfect dessert. It may be a bit too sweet for breakfast, but I could eat one every evening.  Next time, I will experience the creative joy of making my own duck donut creation.


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