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Last Sunday, I went on a tour of a real life Chocolate Factory!  No, Willie Wonka is not the only chocolate maker. This Chocolate Factory was quite impressive.  As a chocolate lover, I really appreciate the methods SPAGnVOLA go through to preserve the integrity of the chocolate.IMG-4275


SPAGnVOLA is a real life Chocolate Factory, located in Gaithersburg, Maryland.   Upon arrival I opened the door to sights and smells of a lovely chocolate shop. There was lots of sweet treats to choose from behind the glass.  I saw many types of truffles, bonbons, and chocolate bars!


When it was time for the chocolate tour, I was led down a stairway to the space underneath the chocolate shop.   Eleanor was my tour guide. She was really knowledgeable about the chocolate making process, explaining it from start to finish while also displaying the machinery used to cultivate chocolate.

The owner/onsite Chocolatier, Crisoire Reid owns a farm on the mountain slopes of the Eastern part of the her home country, the Dominican Republic.  The cacao beans used to make the chocolate at SPAGnVOLA are flown in directly from this farm. Mrs. Reid’s goal is to preserve the integrity of the cacao bean and produce the purest, best chocolate possible.  Crisoire calls her creation “ultra premium” chocolate, the best chocolate in the world.

Once in the factory, I witnessed the entire process.  I was able to touch the raw cacao bean in all of its stages until I tasted the final product, a delicious piece of chocolate.

In 2008, Crisoire Reid and her husband Eric Reid started on a journey of chocolate.  In 2011, they realized their dream of opening an artisan Chocolate factory, selling the finest chocolate in the world.  The Reids hand pick, ferment, dry, and grade cacao beans themselves. The cacao beans are then roasted and refined in small batches in their Gaithersburg, Maryland chocolate factory.


After completing the tour, I had to taste the chocolates!  I got a 12 piece selection of Crisoire & Signature bonbons collection, and truffles collection.  I definitely prefer the truffles over the bonbons.

Here are some of my suggestions:


Mocha: 54% milk chocolate ganache infused with coffee grounds and 70% dark chocolate.


Jasmine Rose Truffle: 62% Semi Sweet Chocolate Ganache infused with Jasmine Rose Tea, coated with 70% Dark Chocolate


Honey Truffle: 62% semi sweet chocolate ganache infused with Dominican Honey and coated in 70% dark chocolate.


Cafe Caramel Bonbon: 54% Milk Chocolate Ganache with Coffee flavor, caramel and covered in 70% Dark Chocolate

Passion Fruit Bonbon: White Chocolate Ganache with natural passion fruit puree and 70% Dark Chocolate.

I highly recommend SPAGnVOLA.  You will love every moment of you visit.  Take some chocolates home, give chocolates as gifts.  Remember, money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy hand crafted chocolates….and that’s pretty much the same thing!


Learn more about SPAGnVOLA and their chocolate making process by visiting

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    Oh My! That looks like a little slice of Heaven! Everything looks delicious!

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