Christmas Before Midnight

To Kick-off the Holiday season, I went to the Anthem to see Fantasia: Christmas After Midnight.  It was a wonderful show, and was held on the perfect evening, the first snowfall of the season.  As I walked along The Wharf, the snow was falling, people were ice skating, the Christmas tree was twinkling, Christmas cheer was in the air.  What a wonderful evening for a Christmas concert.

The Anthem is the newest theater in Washington, D.C. It is located on the waterfront at the Wharf.  Though it has just opened, The Anthem has already hosted great musical talents such as Erykah Badu.

The Anthem is very spacious.  There’s plenty of room to walk around on all three floors.  The stairway is wide.  The restrooms are large, Chandeliers are striking, and the views of the Wharf are spectacular.

The theater itself is both classical and modern.  What appears to be draped curtains from a distance are really LED lights in the shape of draped curtains.  It makes for a really nice scene when only the stage lights are on.

There not a bad seat in the theater.  There is a clear view of the stage, from every angle.  There is plenty of leg room at each seat.

Now to the food.  Yes, food.  The Anthem sells much more than popcorn and hot dogs.  The popcorn flavor choices include Old Bay and Garlic Parmesan.  The Anthem serves “The Wharfle”, which is a fresh warm Belgian Liege waffle with Full Monty Chocolate Sauce for $8.00.  The waffles are hot and fresh.  If you need more meat, order the Shrimp tray (yes, shrimp)!

The Anthem has a full bar on both sides of the theater and on each floor.  This makes for short lines.  What’s more, the Anthem offers gourmet Hot Chocolate and Coffee!  Those who do not drink liquor will be ecstatic to learn this!  The Hot Chocolate is made fresh right before your eyes.

The stage was decorated with Christmas Trees, poinsettias, and lots of twinkling lights.  The acoustics are great, which make this an ideal location for a concert.

Demetria McKinney opened the show and shocked the crowd by singing classic songs recorded by Patti LaBelle and Whitney Houston.  I must say, Demetria was really good.  I am now a fan.  I would definitely go to a Demetria McKinney concert.

Fantasia walked onto stage wearing a White Satin Pantsuit and just looked like the moon on the breast of the new fallen snow.  She gave the luster of mid-day to concert goers below.  Fantasia’s voice echoed off the walls and ceiling.  She sang a medley of Christmas songs and Fantasia hits, while also recalling her family holiday traditions.  Fantasia has evolved since her days on American Idol.  I was so proud of Fantasia’s growth… as proud as I would be if she were a family member of mine.  Bravo Fantasia!  Bravo!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to the Anthem.  The spaciousness, acoustics, and snack options make the Anthem one of my new favorite venues.   I look forward to attending many more events here!


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