Delicious Delight

Imagine this. It’s a day of celebration for you.  You and a group of your best friends go to a new restaurant for dinner.  You peruse the menu, although you already know what to order.  You have been dreaming about tasting this dish for the past 3 weeks!  You place your order and wait.  The drinks arrive first.  Oh, this doesn’t look like a Mai Tai, is your first thought.  The drink is weak and watered down.  “I’ll just have a Sweet Tea.” you tell the waiter.  The Sweet Tea arrives, but it is not sweet at all.  “Oh well, looks like I’ll drink a Sprite for the rest of dinner, because it is impossible to mess up a Sprite.” you say to yourself.  Waiter, just bring me a Sprite, please.

Hopefully, the food will be better.  You see the waiter approaching your table.  You are filled with excited anticipation.  Then the crash.  The letdown.  The feeling of ‘not enough butter over too much bread.’ The waiter places the plate in front of you.  “This looks nothing like the picture on the website!”  “I thought I would get more Shrimp than this.”  “Where is the cheese?” “I know they aren’t gonna charge me $35 for rice and gravy”  These are phrases you say to yourself.  Then you taste the food.  It tastes worse than it looks!  “Where is the seasoning?”  “What kind of restaurant serves bland, unseasoned chicken?” “You call this a Creole dish?  How?”  “This is not enough sauce!”  These are more phrases you say to yourself, before you give up, send the dish back, and request chicken tenders and fries, because every restaurant should have decent chicken tenders and fries.

This miserable food experience has just overshadowed all of the wonderful news your friend just shared.  Oh that’s right, you went there to celebrate, remember. However, all you can think about is the undelectable disappointment and disgust from this subpar food.

Now, Imagine This.  It’s a day of celebration for you.  You and a group of your best friends go to your favorite restaurant for dinner.  You peruse the menu, although you already know what to order.  You have been dreaming about tasting this dish for the past 3 weeks!  This is not quite Deja Vu, keep reading. You place your order and wait.  The drinks arrive first.   Ah, tasty, this is a good day for the bartender, because she made your Mai Tai just the way you like it, with the perfect combination of alcohol and fruit juice….as if she knew it was a special day for you.   You sip on your drink, and laugh and talk with friends.  Celebrate the good news.  This is the life.  Does it get better than this?  Of course it does, remember, you are waiting for the main event….your food.

Suddenly, you see your waiter walking towards you with a tray full of food. Your eyes grow larger, the food looks delicious!  Oh, I hope it is for our table.  The waiter stops at your table, YES!  Everyone’s dish looks so appetizing.  The waiter places a plate right in front of you.  Oh, the food is calling, you don’t know what to bite into first.  You can still see the steam, the colors are vibrant, the cheese is stringy, the sauce is ample, the tea is sweet, the butter is honey, the bread is fresh, the macaroni is baked, while the potato is twice-baked and filled with butter, Bacon, and Cheddar.  Oh, Hallelujah, they just hit a homerun with your dish.  You take the first bite and OMG, this food tastes better than you imagined.  It is perfectly seasoned, perfect temperature. (There really are only two perfect temperatures, piping hot or perfectly chilled.)

To me, that is a feeling of pure joy.  When my food arrives and is this perfect, I am filled with joy.  I am delighted.  I am not thinking about any problems or worries or stress or drama.  For that moment, I am consumed with happiness.  It is a happiness that only good food can bring.  I believe this feeling of delicious delight is what we are truly seeking when we go “out to eat”. Dining at a restaurant, especially with friends, family, or other good company is the one time during the day, when we are filled joy with experience true delight.

I have just given you a glimpse of my feelings towards food.  The quality of the food will either make or break and event or dinner.   Delicious food is extremely important.  It is my mission to discover the best (and sometimes the worst) restaurants.  I hope that you follow me on this journey from undelectable disappointment to delicious delight as I travel to different restaurants in search of the best Drink and Food the Earth has to offer.


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